by Doug “The Crave” Craven Young animators are eager to learn, but it is sometimes difficult to find helpful resources. This is why the growing Facebook group, Anime Studio Pros is such a valuable resource for students. Created by McCoy Buck, it is a forum for professionals using Anime Studio Pro. After starting the group… Read More

Name: Mike Clifton Hometown: Sunnyvale, California Joined Smith Micro: 2008 – I originally created Anime Studio in 1998 (called Moho back then). So although I’ve “only” been with Smith Micro for 7 years, I’ve been working on Anime Studio for 17 years! Title: Software Architect College: University of California, Davis & University of California, Santa Cruz When… Read More

We asked Jeremy Purcell, Assistant Director for Cartoon Saloon, the studio that created the new children’s critically acclaimed Puffin Rock, to tell us a bit about the show and how Anime Studio Pro 11 was used to create this series. Today they are in the process of finishing their second batch of 39 episodes and it has already launched with Netflix in North America… Read More

The free app Sock Puppets is used widely in the classroom. Kids love puppets and the prevalence of the iPad, iPod Touch or iPad make it a convenient tool for teacher. The distorted voice replay and multiple puppets, backgrounds and props make any learning fun for kids especially between the ages 7-11. Here are 6… Read More

We asked Rusty Jones, Creative Director and Senior Medical Illustrator for MediVisuals Inc., to tell us a bit about his company, how he uses Poser for forensic science and to show us what some of his images look like. MediVisuals’ primary service is the conceptualization and development of visuals that make medical and technical expert… Read More

We asked THE Poser man himself, Poser Product Manager, Charles Taylor for an encore presentation to his first sneak peek on the new version of Poser. Here he is giving you all exactly what you asked for, the latest and greatest updates on what is to come. It’s been a while since I gave you an… Read More

We asked Manga Studio (CLIP STUDIO) lover, enthusiast and web-comic, Liz Staley to break down how to set up a comic page in 5 easy steps! 1. Sketch Your Layout. To know where we’re going, we’ll need a map! On a new layer, with your favorite pencil tool, draw out a rough of your page… Read More

In this blog series “Takin’ a Break With” we sit down with different employees here at Smith Micro Software and get to know them a bit better. We’ll discuss all things from what they are currently working on at Smith Micro to what their favorite break time snack is! Name: Charles A. Taylor—Yes, my initials… Read More

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