Mad Maxine’s new look with Poser Pro 2010

I’m pretty sure I know more than a few guys who would be jealous of Paul Sutton. And while I’d like to believe it’s all because his art is on the Poser Pro 2010 box, I think it’s more likely because he has had drinks with Danica Patrick while she was racing in the U. K.

Before Paul Sutton got into creating 3D art with Poser Pro, he worked with his brothers at Sutton Motorsport Images as a motorsport photographer while teaching himself web design. After working there for 15 years, he left to pursue an education in painting and art history in London.

What surprised me was when Paul told me he did his first render in Poser Pro on April 15, 2009. While it’s clear that Paul is a talented artist, it’s also clear that Poser Pro can create amazing art and its learning curve isn’t as steep as I initially assumed. I’m certainly not saying 3D illustration is easy, but Poser Pro makes it look that way.

The original piece created with Poser Pro will be featured in the gallery on Smith Micro’s Poser web site, which will open in March with the release of Poser Pro 2010. Nicely done Paul!

A Poser Pro 2010 makeover

Before and after testimonials are always fun. From reality TV to weight loss commercials, they make a pretty big splash. How many times have you watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and not gotten a little teary-eyed? It must be something about seeing a happy family running around their backyard-turned-lagoon. But do before and afters translate into good and bad? (Or as The Boss might say, Good versus Evil?) It’s just change. It’s just different.

In that spirit, here is the art that inspired the box art for Poser Pro 2010. It’s done in colored pencil by Paul Sutton, who, among other things, has a cat, an affinity for chocolate, and a knack for creating art in Poser Pro. His creation Mad Maxine, is even more amazing than this original image.

Smith Micro Software releases Poser Pro 2010 in March, but there are a few things I can show off before then. Tomorrow I’ll post the final art for the box of Poser Pro 2010 and more about the artist, Paul Sutton.

Smooth transitions with Manga Studio EX

Despite my sunny disposition, I really dig the rain. Running in it is exhilarating, and sitting inside while it’s raining ranks up there as one of the coziest activities of all time. I especially dig the sounds: wind blowing, rain falling, traffic going swish by.

When I originally found Shawn McCauley’s webcomic, I was drawn in by the art and the darkness of it. (The evil? Oh Yes! But only if The Boss is reading.) And I really like the reader. I’m a gadget girl, so if you give me a cool way to read a comic I’m already interested in, I’m hooked. Oh, and he used Manga Studio, which is a total bonus for me because then I get to write about it too!

Happy Chickens with Anime Studio!

Every college campus has its controversy. Every class of students has its cause. When I was in college, free-range chicken eggs was the number one reason students wrote to the editor of the school newspaper. I thought it was a bit ridiculous at the time, but after tasting the difference between free-range eggs and the alternative, I guess I changed my tune.

My friends and I call them “happy chickens.” I’m not trying to say that animals have emotion or that, if indeed they do, that I can tell what emotions they have. I just think it’s catchy. And I like to believe that you are what you eat, and I like to be happy. (Rather than evil, much to The Boss’ dismay.)

That’s why I was totally stoked to find this 2D animation on YouTube, made with Anime Studio. It features some happy chickens singing about how delicious and natural these particular sausages are, and they happen to be made from chicken.

If you’re interested in trying 2D animation, you can get Anime Studio Debut 5 for free! If you like it, there is also an offer for Anime Studio Debut 6 for 60% off. It will make you happy as a pig in … erm … mud!

Gadgets: Poser Pro 2010 Style

I can’t stay away from stores like Sharper Image. I love gadgets. I might not need a toilet paper dispensing iPod dock, but it’s pretty amusing. The pleasant surprises are the gadgets that make what I already do easier. Like the backup camera on a truck. Genius.

Lately at Smith Micro Software, we’re getting really psyched because the Poser Pro 2010 launch is almost upon us. I totally dig that I get to know what’s new before everyone else. And I’m proud to say that there’s new stuff in Poser Pro that will make 3D animation and illustration easier.

One of the new big features in Poser Pro 2010 is the ability to search your library and Content Paradise within the program. Can’t find the perfect llama in your content for your 3D animation? Perhaps your 3D DJ gear is just a little outdated? Just toggle over to Content Paradise and search there. Check out this preview of what it’ll look like in Poser Pro 2010 below.

This gadget is designed to save time and streamline artists’ workflow. And it’s a great opportunity for sellers on Content Paradise to have their products easily accessible within Poser Pro 2010. Content Paradise will have tips and templates posted in the Seller FAQs to help sellers present their products effectively within the program. It may not be a Taser MP3 player, but it is impressive and useful.

Free spring cleaning for your photos!

I just got back from a whirlwind vacation and have some sweet photos of Vancouver, Whistler and general Olympic mayhem. I know, I’m jealous of me too. But I gotta say that uploading my photos from my camera into my computer and then organizing them from there is kinda like filing my taxes. It’s necessary, but it can wait.

I’m guessing that I’m not alone when it comes to this. Sometimes I might make a folder to put the photos in, but lord knows what’s actually in that folder. And if I’m uploading files to any social media site, I have to open my folders, find the photo and then remember that it’s named 10_17_02_4047. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Enter Photo A.K.A. It can rename large batches of files (not just photos), import and rename photos right from your digital camera, resize images for email, print, and slideshows, and upload photos to Flikr™ or Picassa™ once you’re finished.

One of the coolest thing about this software? It’s free. It’s like the cherry on the sundae: Sweet.

Anime Studio noir

The Boss gave me a Yu-Gi-Oh card the other day called the Toon Dark Magician Girl. Maybe this card will help me to be more sinister. The Boss reminds me of this every time he walks by my desk, whispering “Evil” in a not-very-menacing voice. You would think I work in an Austin Powers movie.

It’s in this spirit that I found this animation, made with Anime Studio and GIMP. It’s dark, that’s for sure. I think one of the coolest parts about it is that you can check out the artist’s block prints and then look at the animation of all of the prints.

It’s a great example of how you can import still images and create 2D animation in Anime Studio. And maybe it’ll appease The Boss’ thirst for “Evil” for a little while.

Spend a few minutes with muvee Reveal

I am not a Facebook addict. I do not have a problem. Denial is just some river in Egypt, right? Whether it’s becoming a fan of a pickle or watching my friend snowboard four states away, I love everything that is Facebook. So when I saw that Smith Micro was partnering with muvee to sell its video-editing software muvee Reveal™, I was mostly interested in the fact that you can spend three minutes editing casual everyday footage for Facebook.

Three minutes? Yeah, right.

So in the spririt of my philosophy, “Show don’t tell,” here is a quick video of the product manager editing and posting video to Facebook. And he does it in under three minutes. Nice work Steve. It’s just another reason for me to spend time on Facebook!

Get tattooed with Poser

In the movie “From Dusk Til Dawn,” George Clooney’s character had a tribal tattoo crawling up his arm onto his neck. While it had very little screen time, it still resonates with people more than a decade after the film was made. One of my favorite celebrity tattoos is the lettering on Megan Fox’s ribs. Cool stuff.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, tattoos have been around for thousands of years. I think they’re pretty rad, so when I saw this blog post about using Poser as a tool for tattoo artists, I shared it with my coworkers. We were all pretty stoked; a few of us got that itch to get more ink. It’s addictive!

We’re always looking for unique ways Poser is used in art or work. Feel free to submit your stuff here.

GroBoto plays the icebreaker game

One of my favorite questions to ask people is, “If you were a mythological creature, what would you be?” Some people might think it’s a little weird at first, but it always ends in a really lively and interesting conversation. It may provide a glimpse into a person’s personality, or it could just be a fun ice-breaker.

My answer is always a dragon. In the Western view, they are evil (I thought The Boss might like that) and generally guard some kind of treasure. In Eastern philosophy they are seen more as good luck. Or so I understand it. Plus, who wouldn’t want to breathe fire and fly?

This art is called Dragon Skin. It was created with the 3D animation and image tool GroBoto and lightly filtered with Filter Forge.

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