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When it comes to landing a job, some things are no brainers. Keep your cover letter mistake-free. Refrain from asking your potential boss for a ride home after the interview. By all means, do not refuse food because you don’t want to line your stomach with grease before going out drinking. True story.

But there are other things that aren’t so simple. I’ve heard looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. I’m not one to argue, as I was in that boat not too long ago. That’s why I’m stoked that Smith Micro is giving away JobFinder for free!

Whether you’re graduating soon, seeking employment or thinking about changing careers, JobFinder takes a load off by searching several job sites at once, creating custom resumes, and keeping those resumes and cover letters sorted. And there’s a $10 coupon for the Smith Micro store so you can celebrate your new job and get a deal on that copy of Anime Studio you’ve been eyeing. What? Just sayin’ it pays to be optimistic!

Check out useful job search, custom resume and cover letter tips, as well as get the free download here. I can’t promise they’ll be nearly as entertaining as the ones above, but they’re much more helpful and less obvious.

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