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I’m a firm believer that you can learn anything if you know how to read and search on Google. Well, maybe not everything, but most things within reason.

So it’s been frustrating for me (and I’m sure many others) when people would lament the lack of perspective ruler tutorials for Manga Studio EX 4. I would search and search, but alas: Nothing.

But wait! Don’t I know someone who said perspective rulers were his favorite tool? Ahhh yes, I remember interviewing Eric Merced. Eric, pretty please will you create a tutorial? Yes? You rule! (You can download the file Eric is working with.)

Thanks Eric for making it easier to get a Google degree in Manga Studio EX 4! And for all those who were hoping for a tutorial, I hope this helps. And if there’s another tutorial you would like to see, let me know!

[flv: 480 360]

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6 comments on “Learn about Manga Studio’s perspective

  • I’d just like to say thanks to Eric for the great video! He does a fantastic job of explaining the use of the perspective ruler. 😀

    He also really hit the nail on the head; as great as the tool is, you need to know a bit about perspective to really put it to use. There are, of course, a bajillion books on perspective drawing, but since we’re talking about MangaStudio, I’ll go ahead and recommend two that are on my shelf: How to Draw Manga Volume 29: Putting Things in Perspective and How to Draw Manga Sketching Manga-Style Volume 4: All about Perspective.

    I’d also like to thank Smith Micro for the copy of MangaStudio EX 4 that I won a couple weeks ago. It finally let me put my Japanese copy of Celsys ComicStudio EX 3 out to pasture. :)

    btw, I don’t know if it’s just me or what (Flash has been acting flaky on my computer…) but I can never get jwplayer it to work properly. :( Clicking the Fullscreen button does nothing, and bringing up the menu and selecting ‘Toggle Fullscreen…’ pauses the video…

    Had to do ‘View Source’ on the page and download the original .flv file to watch the tutorial. :(

  • Thanks so much for the feedback and the suggestions on books! Glad you’re digging MS EX 4 :) You’re welcome!

    Sadness! I am working on changing the video format right now. I will work to get the problem fixed, as Flash has been flaky on my computer as well.

  • Thanks for searching for a perspective tutorial. Is Erics video in process or already finished? I don’t see a link to it anywhere; only a download for the .cpg file he is working with.

  • It’s there now. Wierd. New format? Thanks again for getting this tutorial to us. I’ve watched the first bit of it (I’m at work) and it’s already helpful — will check the whole thing out at home.
    Thanks Eric Merced and Manga Studio.

  • Same format, different player embed code. Hopefully it stays on the page now! Glad you’re so into learning Manga Studio you’re sneaking peaks at work 😀

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