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Inspiration. When you hear the word, a flurry of thoughts and emotion overtake your mind. It’s different for every person, that’s for sure. The cookie-cutter definition is the process of being mentally stimulated. With such a broad description, it’s easy to understand why it’s hard to digest such a complicated word (and concept).

"Remembering those who you're grateful of..."

By Miyasaki Yuzuki

Where can you find inspiration for your work? Regardless of the venue; whether you’re an artist, writer, or simply a dreamer, we’re nothing but empty husks without our creativity. Having a good foundation is a good beginning. Taking the positives and negatives of your upbringing brings strong applicability to your work.

When people can relate to you, they can understand you, and will better appreciate your creations. For example, in a drawing done you can incoporate the ocean, because you grew up there and have a strong affinity for it. Maybe have a strong theme of rebirth, to symbolize your own personal growth.

As an artist, you have to have a strong grasp to the concept of inspiration. When creating a piece, you are opening your soul to the world. But what made you draw it the way you did? Why did you write your character to be like that? Why did you choose that color specifically for that design? These are questions that all artists ask themselves throughout their process.

Diego Nargoli, Senior Graphic Designer here at Smith Micro Software, says that his inspiration stems from his experiences. “I surround myself with creative people as much as possible,” he says, “I don’t believe in limits.”

He emphasizes to never give up on your dreams. It’s all about energy, having no fear, and to force yourself to take risks. “I believe in intention and manifestation; learn to use your incredible imagination. Visualize how you want to live, and create from there.”

At the office here, we’re encouraged to be creative with our work space, which in turn fuels our creativity and productivity.

The true beauty of inspiration is when you can share it with the world. Where do you find YOUR inspiration? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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6 comments on “Through the Rabbit Hole: Finding Your Inspiration

  • I get my inspiration from my kids. They share creative energy better than grownups because they aren’t constantly questioning if their work is “good enough”. They are the best art teachers. :). Excellent blog, adding it to my favs.

  • I find my inspiration from life. I know, it’s not very creative, but it’s true. When I’m writing a song, or a screenplay, or even a book, I look back on events in my life or the lives around me and draw ideas from that. People around me inspire me through the way they all handle the same situation in completely different ways, while nature inspires me through its mysterious ways. Put the two together, and you have a majority of the things we see in everyday life. :)

  • I get inspiration from motivation to create. Once that occurs then it is a job to make that creation. Never forget every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence and integrity.

  • I find my inspiration through family, friends, and life experiences. I always try to find a bright side and something good in almost everything I do. Thanks for the thought inspiring blog!!

  • I get my inspiration from the world around me. From the macro photography which allows me to see the smallest details, to the varied rich colors that mother nature supplies. It’s hard not to be inspired when such beauty surrounds you. From growing up in Montana, to being stationed in Australia, and other parts of the United States the world we live in never ceases to amaze!

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