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Many people have asked us “how is 2D animation different from 3D?” So, we figured we’d help out by posting about the fundamental differences between the two.

Art allows us to express our creativity with no limits. Throughout the years, art has evolved from the caveman wall painting to digital art and now different mediums are used to produce different styles of art. The beauty of self expression through art is that it doesn’t matter what style you have, what matters is the message you’re trying to send. Even within the realm of digital art there are various different styles and mediums to work with, such as 2D and 3D art.

Examples of 2D styles of illustration are anime, manga, and cartoons. The process of creating 2D art is simple, just grab a writing utensil and start drawing on a canvas. You can use a pencil and paper, or even chalk on a sidewalk.

Creating 3D art is a bit more tricky. You can always create 3D art with 2D art tools, like drawing a house on a piece of paper. One of the most accessible ways to create 3D art is by using clay to create models. Whether you’re building from the ground up using putty, or painting in your favorite Warhammer 40k figurine, 3D art allows you to see every angle.

Teyon Alexander, a Content Artist here at Smith Micro Software, has experience creating both 2D and 3D art. For 2D pieces, he uses Manga Studio, he finds it the best for inking aside from an actual pen and piece of paper.

Comic art is a trendsetter when it comes to illustration art. “The artform of comics has influenced more of our popular culture and media than any other form of visual art,” says Les Garner, a Facebook user from our Manga Studio page, “just look at the number of movies, tv shows, games and ancillary products that come from comics.”

Whichever is your preferred type of art, whether it be 2D or 3D we have a program that is sure to bring your creations to life.

For more information please visit our website.

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