3 Ways Poser Speeds Up Your Visual FX Pipeline

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jul 12, 2016 9:28:25 AM

Increased competition and rising regulatory pressures are demanding that artists increase the efficiency of their production pipelines. If you are looking for ways to create your 3D art more efficiently, whether you are a freelancer or part of a large production team, time is money and you need the best technology to help you do that. Speed up your visual effects pipeline with these three quick steps using Poser!

1. Ready-to-use 3D Content 

Utilize over 7BG of free content including fully rigged and textured, ready to use assets including poses, morphs, clothing, hair, materials, and accessoriesAll features and models are provided in a natural 3D environment for realistic depth, lighting and shadowing on any figure in any pose. Quickly and easily create shape variations with Poser’s brush based morphing tools. 

2. Streamlined User Interface  

From concept to completed render, Poser’s unique interface and intuitive tools make creating your art an easier, more efficient process. Poser makes working with the human form easily accessible. Click-and-drag to sculpt faces, pose body parts, or create various ethnic varieties. Human and animal models are included for you to start designing and posing immediately. 

3. Diverse Rendering 

Create your photo realistic, 3D art with Poser's four built in render engines and access many more using plugins. Create renders with natural lighting, shadows, subsurface scattering for realistic looking skin, caustics and volumetrics for smoke, fog and cloud effects. Customize your final output in many styles, including sketch, cartoon, silhouette and real-time comic book mode. Even render light fields using the Octane render engine! No matter what production look you want to achieve, you can have it!

From concept to full render in Poser 11From concept to full render.

Whether you're a professional visual effects producer looking to get a project done in a pinch or a hobbyist just looking to create some great 3D content, you have every tool you will need within Poser.

If you would like more Poser tips check out our tutorials page on our website and don't forget, our Official Poser Forum is a great resource for more information!

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