Adding a 3D Effect to Your Pictures with Moho Pro 12!

Posted by Victor Paredes on Oct 27, 2016 12:19:35 PM

The new Smart Warp is one of the most exciting features included in the most recent release of 2D animation software, Moho Pro 12. This feature is powerful, yet so easy to use. It allows you to create a mesh and use it to animate images in any way you want.


Creating a mesh to animate images in Moho.

Many animators are using this feature to create expressive facial animation, animate illustrations, combine images and Smart Bones, animate video game characters, create morphing animation and much more.

Animator, Pierre Gombaud had the idea that Smart Warp could also be used to generate a fake 3D camera rotation in a single image. The results are amazing! It truly is a whole new way to create in Moho. Check out the example below of this 3D camera rotation effect:


To create this animation, Pierre first separates the image in layers using Photoshop, (example below).


Once the image is ready, he imports it into Moho Pro 12 and creates a Smart Warp mesh to control it.


Now that it's in Moho he is able to rotate the image.

After a bit of trial and error adjusting the points, the result is quite convincing as a 3D animation. 


If you want to see how this effect was created to begin animating your own pictures, Pierre has created a quick tutorial explaining the entire process:

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