The dark side of Anime Studio

Despite my generally sunny disposition and my aversion to fear-based writing, not everything I like is super-happy or silly. As Sally said in When Harry Met Sally, “I have just as much of a dark side as the next person.”

That’s why I was drawn to this animation made with Anime Studio by Brett Walker, called The Last Ride. I love amusement parks too, so this struck a chord for sure.

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Color makes comics more fun

In this, the first week of 2011 and Clean up Your Computer month, I found a super-surprise in my email. I had interviewed an insanely talented artist and then my computer ate all of my notes. Or so I thought.

Frank M. Hansen does a lot of his work in Manga Studio (at least for the past few years that he’s been using it). His work caught my eye because, in my opinion, it’s awesome. But it made me raise my eyebrows when he told me he did his color in MS.

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Your questions: Our resolutions!

One tip I’ve heard to making your New Year’s Resolutions stick is to make them easy to quantify. Read: “I will do 15 situps a day and eat only one cupcake a week,” as opposed to “I will have ripped abs and eat a more healthful diet.”

In that spirit, I have planned to answer at least one Question Jar a month on the blog. Here’s this month’s:

Will Manga Studio change the Hand tool to act more like Photoshop’s? So the tool becomes temporary once you let go of the button and goes back to the previous tool instantly. This will allow users to not have to constantly switch back and forth every single time?

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Keep it clean: Start 2011 off on the right foot

January is, for many people, a time to clean up their lives, whether that be clearing their arteries (go broccoli, oatmeal and cardio!) or their houses (when in doubt, donate). It’s only fitting then that January is Clean up Your Computer month.

If that’s on your list of things to clean, then I suggest you check out Smith Micro’s products for keeping your computer in line: CheckIt, Internet Cleanup, Spring Cleaning and of course, StuffIt Deluxe!

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Smith Micro Reflections: 2010

It’s the last day of 2010. It’s been a heck of a year, if I must say. We started this blog. I tried my hand at fear-based writing; what?!? I said I tried. And then (thank goodness!) there were guest bloggers.

Poser Pro 2010 wowed. Anime Studio learned to obey the laws of physics and StuffIt gave us all sorts of destinations, like SendStuffNow. And Miki 3.0 even made an appearance ;)

Butterfly Hunter by Ian Ambrose

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Anime Studio & Manga Studio rule the holiday roost

It’s been a little less than a week since the gift giving madness has come to an end. (Unless you’re like me and give yourself unbirthday gifts at pretty much any time.)

Amazon just released its top sellers for the holiday season and lo and behold, Anime Studio and Manga Studio were at the top of the software list.
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Advertise your party with Poser

It’s getting close to New Year’s Eve, which means a lot people are deciding what festivities they want to attend to ring in the new year. And if you want people to attend your party (and you’re a bit of a procrastinator like me), perhaps you want to use Poser to create the advertisement.

Anselm von Seherr-Thoss has been using Poser since about 2004, when he worked as an intern creating background people in music videos, commercials and print ads.

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Resolve to use Manga Studio’s color tools

Right about now is the time when a lot of people consider how they measured up on their last years’ resolutions. One of mine was to start a new blog. Think I did OK? :D

The beauty of considering this a few days before the new year is that you’ve still got a few days left to fulfill it! If one of yours was to learn something new, we’ve got loads of tutorials. But why not get a little more specific? How about learning to color in Manga Studio?

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Makeover: Anime Studio chic

Here at Smith Micro, it’s a rarity that I actually get to see a physical creation. That’s not to say that our software or the art it creates isn’t real, but I’m a tactile girl.

I like things I can touch, which is probably why I like food so much and why I loved this Anime Studio bag made by Sona Dolasia. She gave me the scoop on her one-of-a-kind tote.

“I have been hand sewing for four years. Then this year I decided to take a fashion design class with my friends,” she said. “I decided to make a tote out of the Anime shirt.”

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Poser helps track Santa

When I was a kid, I really wanted to believe in Santa, but once I understood that traveling in different time zones didn’t really mean traveling back in time, I became skeptical.

How could one man and his reindeer possibly visit all the houses in the world in one night? (This was before it occurred to me that Santa might have super powers, but that’s another story for another time.) Well, if I knew that NORAD tracked Santa, it may have made for a more convincing argument.

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