It’s Poser Add-on week here at Smith Micro and we thought this would be the perfect time to have our Project Manager for Poser, Charles Taylor aka Nerd3D to tell us a bit about some new exciting features and to let you all know that Poser is here to stay!  I want all of our users to know that Poser is… Read More

Smith Micro asked graphic artist Ken Gilliland the “Bird Man” of Poser to share his story. What is now a collection of nearly 1000 different bird models designed in Poser has become much more than just that. I go back a long way with Poser, all the way back to Poser “1”.  For the first… Read More

  It’s hard to get excited about a software license activation system. To users, activation can feel invasive and distrustful. For developers the system can be an effective deterrent to casual piracy. In an effort to be transparent about our activation system in Poser Pro Game Dev, we’d like to detail the implementation and share… Read More

Every Digital Artists Ultimate Holiday Gift List

Are you tired of your people getting you socks or candles for the holidays because they don’t know what else to get you? As a fan of Digital Art there is probably a plethora of things you’d love for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever other holiday you celebrate. To help your friends and family figure out… Read More

When I started using Poser in the mid 90’s, I was doing a lot of broadcast motion graphics for different events including show opens, sports, and needed a human CG model. For example, I needed a show graphic for NFL football on CBS Sports showing the ideal attributes of a player. Poser allowed me to easily… Read More

Hoyle's Casino

In celebration of Poser’s 20th anniversary, we’re bringing back some historic case studies that are still timely and applicable today. These great snapshots show how Poser solved problems and still is doing so. This was one of the best-selling casino games of all time. With an easy-to-use user interface, entertaining character interaction and 14 authentic… Read More

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