Recently I’ve been chatting with some artists who also like to write. The result? Guest blogs! This is the third in a series, written by Luke Ahearn. Poser is Awesome, nuff’ said. That’s right; you can argue with me all you want and all I can say is Poser is awesome. You may want to… Read More

As a recovering journalist, I pride myself in my ability to ask great questions. Some journalists don’t even ask questions.  Case in point, the World Series game last night: (Congrats Giants!!) When players were being interviewed, some broadcasters didn’t even ask questions. They just made a statement and put the microphone in front of the… Read More

Halloween is probably the most entertaining time of year. When else is it completely acceptable to discuss serious software issues while wearing a pirate costume? Or to dress up as the Pillsbury Dough Boy (er…guy) and bring chocolate-chip muffins? Halloween may be on Sunday this year, but we’re celebrating at the Watsonville office. We know… Read More

Some people say that targeted advertising like Google’s or Facebook’s is kinda Big Brother. I say, if I’m gonna be advertised to, it might as well benefit me as well. I may not need daycare information, but yes I would love to save cash on my next trans-Atlantic flight. We all like saving money, especially… Read More

I’ve always been a fan of the underdog, which is probably why I’m so stoked the Yankees aren’t in the World Series this year. (Go Giants!) So while I was pretty jazzed that PJ’s essay won our Poser essay contest, I couldn’t wait to post the second and third place winners. Without further ado, here… Read More

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Spooky stories, candy, and my wardrobe seems appropriate for a day! What’s not to like? Heck, I was celebrating in July when Craiglew sent me this animation. To celebrate Halloween, we’re asking you to Trick or Treat with us! Just submit your costume/character via illustration or animation made… Read More

Being creative and original isn’t easy, especially when more than 300 people are doing the same project you are. But I knew I could count on the Poser community to provide me (along with three other judges) some great essays on how much they loved Poser for its 15 year anniversary. The winner of the… Read More

I dig the sea; it’s so mysterious. If I were to have a super-power, it would probably be the ability to breathe underwater. I’d be able to explore the oceans as much as I’d like, and I’d never have to worry if the fish is fresh at the markets. (Assuming the ocean has markets, of… Read More

Recently I’ve been chatting with some artists who also like to write. The result? Guest blogs! This is the first in a series. Do you remember the very first time you heard of Poser and the 3D Art communities? The first time you logged into a Poser content site and the ‘Ooooh!’ feeling of excitement… Read More

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