How To Make Beautiful Realistic Physical Materials in Poser

Posted by Charles Taylor on Sep 21, 2016 12:31:28 PM

Understanding the way Cycles material shaders are constructed can be a challenge. Fortunately, you don’t need to know how to build a physically based material shader to tap into the power of Poser's SuperFly render engine, physically based materials and the amazing renders that are possible thanks to the Physical Surface Root Node feature.

Poser's Physical Surface Root Node is the easy way to make brilliant physically based materials. You can create an amazing variety of materials with nothing but the Physical Surface Root. We recently had a webinar covering the Physical Root Node in depth.

Say you are looking to create a kitchen scene in which you want to deature serving ware, like a jade bowl, for instance. Well, it turns out creating jade is rather easy. The "trick" is to use the sub-surface scatter built in to the Physical Serface Node. All of the materials in the images below are created by using nothing but the Physical Surface Node.

The sole exception is the bowl I added a 3D Marble procedural texture, shown below. The rest of the materials use only the settings built right into the Physical Surface Node. It really is that simple to create realistic materials for SuperFly with the Physical Surface Node.

Creating materials in Poser Pro using the Physical Root Node

Rendering interesting textures on your materials is easy using the Physical Surface Root Node in Poser 

Another feature of the physical surface is that it can connect with legacy FireFly shader nodes or the new Cycles native nodes. In the jade material above I have a legacy FireFly "Marble" node connected. It can also be a Cycles node. You can even mix and match Cycles shader nodes and FireFly shader nodes. This gives you an easier introduction to the way Cycles native nodes work. The Physical node also works for FireFly and SuperFly. One node can give you similar results in both of Poser's production render engines.

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