And the Winner is… Smith Micro’s Holiday Card Contest

Isn’t the Holiday season the best? There are two things we love here at Smith Micro – the first is a good old fashion art contest. We loving seeing what you, the users are creating with our programs. The second thing we adore is the holiday season. Put them both together and we get downright warm and fuzzy.

Earlier in the month our team announced a Holiday Card Contest encouraging Anime Studio, Manga Studio and Poser artists to submit a digital greeting made with one of our great programs. We asked entrants to propose a design for Smith Micro’s own holiday greeting with the words “Happy Holidays” as the text. In the true act of holiday giving we wanted to not just reward the winner with a $500 gift card but also donate $500 to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Drumroll please  . . . The winner of the Smith Micro Holiday Card Contest is Andy Eaton from Sugar Hill, Georgia. Andy used Anime Studio to create Winter Wonderland, a 30 second digital greeting featuring a snowball-throwing antagonist. Andy selected the Atlanta Children’s Shelter as his charity of choice. Both Andy and the Atlanta Children’s Shelter will be getting $500 from Smith Micro this holiday season.

We also wanted to be sure and say thanks to everyone that took the time to enter. We appreciate your hard work and holiday creativity. Below are a few of our other favorite entries…

Have a very happy and safe holiday from your friends at Smith Micro!

A storm’s brewing in Poser

One thing I miss about Minnesota is the thunderstorms and tornadoes. It may sound crazy (and I’m not a fan of the destruction that can accompany them) but there is something really special that happens during a storm. I was the kid that stood in the middle of a field watching funnel clouds form.

One of my coworkers showed me this free tutorial about using weird weather in Poser. It never occurred to me that you could create all this stuff in Poser without doing any damage to property or life. I’ve seen a little rain using Anime Studio, but nothing so realistic!

I can have tornado weather without moving back to the Midwest. Oceans, mountains and now thunderstorms on demand thanks to Poser.

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The summer, CP gives away the farm

I’ve always liked hippos. Their name means river horse in Greek. What’s not to like? And they’re so adorable. But according to the San Diego Zoo, they’re “Cute, but not cuddly.” How cool is it to have that for a motto?

All summer long, Smith Micro is giving away free animals for Poser at Content Paradise. A new set will be available each week and will change every Tuesday morning.

Right now the hippo is available, as well as a toon skunk, donkey, and cardinal (among others). Not all of them fall under the cute-but-not-cuddly category; there is a baby deer in there as well. Awwwww!!!

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Let CP reinvent the wheel for you

Work smarter, not harder is one of my favorite phrases, and something that I have to remind myself of often. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Content Paradise is one way for animators to work smarter, not only for 3D animation, but for 2D animation with Anime Studio. There is plenty of great content to buy and some for free as well.

So instead of spending all of your time making a city skyline or in this case, alien terrain, let CP do that work for you while you perfect your animated character’s style and the nuances of your creations to make it uniquely yours.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day from CP!

Henry David Thoreau was famous for writing “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” And while I agree with the idea, I also think it’s a great way to justify getting new clothes. I have to buy this cute skirt. It’s for work. And I might as well buy these shoes too. They are on sale!

Content Paradise has some great business clothing in its catalog. I thought it only appropriate to highlight them on Administrative Professional’s Day. I know that not every administrative professional wears business attire, but many do.

According to the Association of Administrative Professionals, there are more than 8 million people in the U.S. working in administrative support rolls. So cheers to everyone that works in one of the most difficult roles (and often times gets only this day for recognition). Here’s to working hard and looking good! Not everyone can do it.

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