Smith Micro today launched¬†Anime Studio 10 Pro / Debut.¬† With a variety of enhanced and new features, the 10th edition of Anime Studio is sure to impress both new and seasoned users. Check out the new features demo videos here. The below videos show a couple of the coolest new features. Longtime friends and partners… Read More

For the SMSI Productivity and Graphics’ Wellness Event, Chef Jamie Smith came in to talk to us about nutrition. To make the presentation more hands on, we used the fresh ingredients he provided to come up with our own lunches. We split into four groups with an hour on the clock. Each team was given… Read More

We want this blog to be about the fun of creating your own characters with cartoon software, or using 3D models to tell your digital story. Last month, the graphics web team decided we wanted to host a regular, but not very serious art contest in the blog to help liven things up around here. We just want to have fun creating art together, with a bunch of silly prizes and a silly theme where everyone who works with Poser, Manga Studio and Poser can join in together and make silly things.… Read More

What if you could be a superhero? What would your super power be? Would you giggle and fly or be serious and slay dragons? Now’s the time to make your dream happen (digitally at least!) Smith Micro wants you to create your very own superhero in this month’s image contest.… Read More

Want to see your name in lights? Enter the Rock Jocks Poser Film Animation Contest and get your work in a Hollywood movie! Smith Micro is excited to host a new Poser animation contest brought to you by Rock Jocks the movie! Download the free figure and follow the storyboards to create your animation for… Read More

Why is it that when I start shopping for other people, I suddenly see all these things I want for myself? Maybe it’s because I don’t shop very often or just that I’m spending cash and suddenly being thrifty seems sooo last year. Must. Control. Spending. If you’ve had your eye on Manga Studio Debut,… Read More

I’ve always been a fan of the underdog, which is probably why I’m so stoked the Yankees aren’t in the World Series this year. (Go Giants!) So while I was pretty jazzed that PJ’s essay won our Poser essay contest, I couldn’t wait to post the second and third place winners. Without further ado, here… Read More

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Spooky stories, candy, and my wardrobe seems appropriate for a day! What’s not to like? Heck, I was celebrating in July when Craiglew sent me this animation. To celebrate Halloween, we’re asking you to Trick or Treat with us! Just submit your costume/character via illustration or animation made… Read More

I take names pretty seriously. I think you can tell a lot by a person’s name. I’m not sure it’s going to create their path in life, but I’d probably avoid naming a child or pet Satan. (Unless you’re really into that fallen angel thing.) Awhile ago someone in the office asked what the superhero’s… Read More

Being creative and original isn’t easy, especially when more than 300 people are doing the same project you are. But I knew I could count on the Poser community to provide me (along with three other judges) some great essays on how much they loved Poser for its 15 year anniversary. The winner of the… Read More

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