Kids and Sock Puppets are a natural fit

Recently I’ve been chatting with some artists who also like to write. The result? Guest blogs! This is the fifth in a series, written by Okse.

Being a parent is a marvellous thing. You hold them in your arms, you feed them, water them, sometimes you stare at them thinking to yourself “Wow, I made that.”

As they get older they amaze you and you tick off their tasks. Yep, he’s done the crawling, the walking, the grabbing onto stuff that he shouldn’t: “No, that’s Daddies phone, it’s not food!”

Then there’s the talking. The day my son called me Daddy was one of the greatest days of my life, until he pointed at a bin and said “Daddy.”

My son is 11 now, and the main conversations we have start with “Dad, can I go on your laptop?” and now most recently “Dad can I play with your phone?” Play with my phone? Technology has become so advanced the phone has now become a play thing that actually makes calls.

My son loves the games on the iPhone. When I get it back off him I look and see that the screens are loaded with various games, I’m like “Son, why have I got Farmville on my phone, don’t I get pestered enough on Facebook!”

As some of you may know, I love my Anime Studio, so when I found out that they’d brought out an app, I was straight on the App Store. Now most apps that record your voice are pretty rubbish so as much as I love the folks at Smith Micro, I wasn’t expecting much.
I was surprised. I downloaded it and had a quick play, I thought “This isn’t too bad” and then put it down.

Joe got hold of it and started to play, I could hear him acting out various characters; it felt like he was 6 again acting out with his action figures.

He passed me the phone and I had a look he had improvised a little 30 second movie called “School” and it had me in tears (of laughter).

This app gives kids and adults the chance to use their imagination and it’s free with an option to add new characters and extend your recording time. So I do recommend this app, it’s fun and user friendly and you’ll be surprised what your kids will come up with. I certainly was. My son is a comedy genius!

So expect more adventures from the Sock Puppets from Okse Junior.

Thanks Okse! If you’re interested in writing a guest blog about art with Smith Micro software, you can contact me with your idea and art at

Sleep Talkin’ Man in Anime Studio

Laughing is one of my favorite activities. Several times during the day I will break out in laughter, which is a bit awkward as our office is suuuper quiet. But how can I not laugh when I’m dealing with animators like Okse?

Okse’s most recent animation with Anime Studio is Sleep Talkin’ Man Animated. If you’re not familiar with Sleep Talkin’ Man, it’s a blog run by a married couple. The husband, Adam says hilarious things in his sleep. His wife Karen records them.  If you like to laugh, you definitely want to check out the blog.

Okse showed me the blog awhile ago, and told me his idea to animate one of the audio clips. After the animation, I contacted Adam and Karen, who were more than happy to tell me how much they loved Okse’s animation.

“I laughed when I first saw myself in animation. I thought I looked like Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” Adam said. “I don’t own a bathrobe, but Karen has a great thick plush red one, which she has worn whilst walking Molly (their dog) around the block.”

I wondered if Karen ever got any sleep. If you see their blog, you’d wonder the same thing. I guess Karen’s got mild insomnia, and if anything, Adam’s hilarious babbling keeps her company at night.

The two of them have the cutest story ever: “Karen and I met and fell in love when we were teenagers, both on our gap year in Israel. We were separated when we had to each go back to our countries. Although we tried to carry on a relationship across the ocean, it was just too difficult. We parted painfully and lost touch for a decade and a half. Karen Googled me one day on a whim. A couple of months later, we were engaged.”

Funny and sweet: What a great gift they’ve given to the world. Well, at least to those that love to laugh. Thanks Adam and Karen! And thanks to Okse for his animation. Adam and Karen would definitely like to see more of them. Check out more of Okse and Anime Studio on his YouTube channel.

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Laughter (and animation) is the best medicine

Everyone has those mornings. You sleep through the alarm. There are grounds in your coffee. Your eggs taste a little off. Well, that was the other morning for me. I try to keep a chipper state of mind, but sometimes it’s just not that easy.

I walk into work, turn on the computer and go through my Google alerts. There was a 2D animation called “Hero Spotting” made with Anime Studio Debut. “Eh,” I think to myself, “It’s only 30 seconds long. I might as well check it out.” It totally made my morning. It made me laugh and forget all about how bad my coffee was. And, to my delight, it was made by someone I’ve been following on Twitter: Okse.

I told him how much I liked his animations and checked out his web site. Turns out he’s a stand-up comedian. And he’s from the U. K., so he says things like “That’s rubbish,” which makes me giggle just because I’m easily amused by colloquialisms.

Recently Okse posted an Anime Studio Basics tutorial on blogTV. It’s got some helpful hints. And he says “That’s rubbish,” a few times.

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