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Today’s Post is by Steve Cooper, Sr. Product Manager, Productivity and Graphics

We use “easy” everywhere. It’s in our marketing. It’s in our box copy, and on Poser Debut, it’s even in the tagline. But we realize that no matter how many times we say it, 3D isn’t always easy. In fact, for lots of new users, 3D software can be downright intimidating.

3D software’s a genre of tools full of what can be foreign terms, a whole lexicon of features and phrases like rendering, rigging, morphs, transformations and translations. Poser is right there with all the others, because it’s powerful, it has all those feature names and 3D buzzwords to describe them. We’ve designed the tools to be simple and straightforward, but a lot of common 3D language we use can go right over the head of new users. Because of that language, it can take brand new user time to figure out how to create a Poser scene that’s populated with cool 3D characters, and then turn that scene into a picture or video.

You know who you are. You’re who this blog post is for and who these quick and painless videos were created for. If you can turn your computer on, browse Facebook, or send an email, you’ll be able to follow these three starter videos and “get” what Poser does.

The videos were created by our incredibly patient partner Charles Taylor, whose online name ‘nerd3D” still makes me smile, even after more than a dozen years. Charles puts on his primer teacher’s cap, with a gentle voice, and guides you through the basics of Poser.

Even if you’re one of our Poser power users, seeing Charles explain the basics is fantastic, because some time, somewhere, someone that knows nothing about 3D is going to ask you how Poser works. Charles will show you the way.

Steve Cooper

Manga Studio Tutorials & Resources at deviantART

Did you know that there is more than really awesome Manga Studio examples at deviantART? There are tons of tutorials and lots of resources for download too!

Below is a video of artist S-Morishita talking about using Manga Studio EX for inking:

There is also lots of Manga Studio artists creating and sharing patterns and screentones on deviantART. deviantART user bakenekogirl offers both screentones for download like the pack below, but also offers some animated gif training resources.

Patterns MangaStudio pack 2 by *bakenekogirl on deviantART

To answer a recent question in the question jar, deviantART is also home to the artist who created the Manga Studio box art. You can find Stanley Lau on deviantART as user ArtGerm.

Are you a deviantART user? Don’t forget to check out the Manga-Studio-Artist group.

Follow Anime Studio’s path

I’ve always liked the Internet because I feel like it kinda levels the playing field. If you don’t know something, it’s just a search engine entry away.

While there are certain things you probably shouldn’t do without a proper education (flying a helicopter comes to mind), most knowledge, like animation, can be ascertained through a Google degree.

Eric Moore from CartoonLearning.com is one of those people that makes learning via the Internet easier. This tutorial on the Follow Path in Anime Studio is just one of his many useful posts. You can check out his YouTube channel too. Thanks Eric, for contributing to the Internet’s awesomeness!

More tutorial magic for Manga Studio

I’ve always said that everyone should work as a waitress (or in customer service in general) for at least a summer. It teaches at least as many lessons as you can learn in a summer school class and you meet some cool folks.

One lesson I took away from it was that asking for help is a skill. And not everyone is good at everything: I can make a mean cappuccino but you wouldn’t wanna sip my martinis…shaken or stirred.

Earlier this year I noticed people kept looking for a good tutorial for perspective rulers in Manga Studio. I asked Eric Merced to put together a lesson, and he came through in golden fashion.

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Your questions: Our resolutions!

One tip I’ve heard to making your New Year’s Resolutions stick is to make them easy to quantify. Read: “I will do 15 situps a day and eat only one cupcake a week,” as opposed to “I will have ripped abs and eat a more healthful diet.”

In that spirit, I have planned to answer at least one Question Jar a month on the blog. Here’s this month’s:

Will Manga Studio change the Hand tool to act more like Photoshop’s? So the tool becomes temporary once you let go of the button and goes back to the previous tool instantly. This will allow users to not have to constantly switch back and forth every single time?

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Resolve to use Manga Studio’s color tools

Right about now is the time when a lot of people consider how they measured up on their last years’ resolutions. One of mine was to start a new blog. Think I did OK? :D

The beauty of considering this a few days before the new year is that you’ve still got a few days left to fulfill it! If one of yours was to learn something new, we’ve got loads of tutorials. But why not get a little more specific? How about learning to color in Manga Studio?

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Learn to teleport (your files) with StuffIt

After a quick trip overseas for the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m beginning to rethink what my superpower would be. Maybe being able to teleport is better than being able to breathe underwater. After all, I’d still have to swim the Atlantic if I wanted to travel.

This got me thinking more about how great our new StuffIt Deluxe 2011 for Mac is, what with its super-easy file-sending ways. Check out one of the latest video tutorials, which explains how to use StuffIt to send ginormous files with SendStuffNow:

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Give a gift to yourself: Draw and win!

Why is it that when I start shopping for other people, I suddenly see all these things I want for myself? Maybe it’s because I don’t shop very often or just that I’m spending cash and suddenly being thrifty seems sooo last year. Must. Control. Spending.

If you’ve had your eye on Manga Studio Debut, here’s your chance to get it for free and probably learn something in the process. Mario Kluser is having a drawing contest on his blog Mario LIVE! Just draw what you like (digitally or analog) and enter to win.

If you haven’t visited Mario’s blog and you use Manga Studio, you should definitely take a look. Mario has put a lot of time into making simple, easy-to-understand (and English is his third language!) tutorials for Manga Studio.

Read more about Mario and his Manga Studio tutorials here and enter his contest to win Manga Studio Debut. You could win a gift for yourself this holiday season without breaking your budget!

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Relax! Let CP sweat the small stuff in your art.

It’s been a heatwave here for the last week or so. California definitely has a reputation for being hot, but not generally along the coast. This week has been one of sun dresses and summer treats. One of my coworkers brought in drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches and Popsicles. I love my job.

There’s nothing quite like cool drinks and treats to cool you off in the heat. They keep you from getting too lethargic and lackadaisical. If you find yourself getting that way with your creations in Anime Studio or Manga Studio, you can always get the .obj version of a cool treat.

Content Paradise has 3D objects you can import into your animations and comic art. It’s a great shortcut for props. Check out this seller’s wares, which include cookies, cake and one of my favorites, grilled cheese!

You can also read this tutorial about importing .obj files into Anime Studio. And if you’re using Manga Studio, you can watch this tutorial. When it’s hot, it always pays to work smarter, not harder! At the very least, you have more energy to run after the ice cream truck.

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Learning is fun with the right tools

A few weeks ago my friend started college again. She got this awesome pen and notebook that records the lecture while she takes notes. When she touches a particular area of the notebook, it plays the part of the lecture that was recorded while she was taking notes. That’s a cool learning tool!

Learning is a lifelong passion for many, and in the comic book community there is a strong tradition of people helping each other learn and become better at their trade. It’s probably one of my favorite things about the community, aside from the fact that I can dork out without feeling, well, like a dork.

Brian Robinson has a series of tutorials and podcasts for comic book artists, including help with Manga Studio along with Photoshop, Illustrator and many other software programs.

Brian has been using Manga Studio for about 4 years after a friend introduced him to it. “I was amazed. I still say the same thing I said back then ‘Wow this is an actual art program with comic book and Manga artists in mind, COOL!’ ”

Thanks Brian for keeping the spirit of learning alive with some excellent learning tools! You can read more about him and other Manga Studio artists in our user stories.
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