The Making of an Animated GIF in Moho

Posted by Emmy Rey on May 26, 2016 11:31:30 AM

We asked Moho Artist Emanuel Rodriguez to explain how he made his Zen Froggie GIF. And though it may seem like a simple GIF as he explains, the process is a bit more in depth. To accompany his explanation he also shares a short video of the actual animation process. It's awesome!




For this GIF I wanted to do the character animation as fast as possible. I used three great Moho features to help me with that:

  1. The clean and hassle free imports from Photoshop. They preserves layer hierarchy, scale and position so I don’t have to redo steps inside Moho.
  2. Moho allows me to draw each bone where I want it knowing that with the “Use Selected Bones for Flexi-Binding” option I will be able to choose what bones control each part of my character. 
  3. The powerful Smart Bones feature. Being an animator involves constantly switching between being an artist and a problem solver. Smart Bones allows me to focus on the movements that I want and all the technical aspects of each pose. Once I start the animating process I’m able to concentrate on timing.

Rigging and animating characters inside Moho becomes a natural process. It's the fastest and most enjoyable part of the production. Even if that production is just for a two-second GIF!


Check out the "Making Of" video for this GIF below! And to see more great work from Emanuel Rodriguez, visit his facebook page- 



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