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Why Artists Prefer CLIP STUDIO to Photoshop for Digital Illustration

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jun 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM

CLIP STUDIO PAINT is an illustration, comic book creation and animation program. It’s quickly becoming the industry standard for creating comic books and comic book related artwork, as well as a popular choice for story board artists. So why are digital artists, comic and manga artists choosing CLIP STUDIO PAINT over Photoshop, a program that’s been around for over a decade? We asked Teyon Alexander digital artist and Content Creator for Smith Micro to explain:

First, Photoshop is, at its core, primarily an image editing program. The majority of its tools and features are geared toward the manipulation of images. CLIP STUDIO PAINT is an illustration program. The majority of its tools and features are geared toward the creation of images and artwork. Photoshop’s focus on image manipulation and inclusion of drawing tools, makes the program very broad in scope. Often the average user will find they don’t use much of what the program offers because it’s beyond the scope of their needs.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT is very focused on creating illustrations, in particular illustrations for comics. Every tool in the program lends itself to the creation of a comic book, including the multi-page “story mode”, which gives you a glance of every page in your comic book in one view, and the ability to quickly add word balloons with tails. CLIP STUDIO can also import 3D models and render them as if they were line work, making the creation of background and characters much easier.

The biggest thing CLIP STUDIO PAINT has going for it though, are its brushes. When using the various brushes offered in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, you experience the most natural feeling brushes in a digital program. So for illustration and illustration of comic books, the better choice is CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Top ten advantages of CLIP STUDIO PAINT over Photoshop:

1- Natural feeling brushes that afford clean, one-to-one strokes with automatic thick to thin quality as an option

2- A more focused application for illustration and comic book creation

3- The ability to render 3D objects as line work

4- A “story” option in the EX version that lets you view and work on multiple pages at one time

5- Pages for comics can be “ruled” with margins for bleed and trim, just like real art pages

6- Vector based Word Balloons (with user definable tails) to ensure that lettering your comics is fast and fun

7- Easy creation of Comic Book Panels that auto creates gutters between panels and folders for each panel

8- Support for Vector layers for line work so that your inking can scale to any resolution

9- Symmetry ruler that goes from a single line of symmetry to 16 lines, as well as snap capable rulers for Concentric Circles, Perspective, Parallel lines, Speed lines, Curves and more

10- A Material library of images, brushes, panels, word balloons, 3D objects and textures you can use in your work as needed

This comparison chart gives a quick overview of some of the other key differences between Photoshop and the two available editions of CLIP STUDIO PAINT:


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