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Guest appearances by Poser and Groboto

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 9, 2010 3:21:39 AM

Everyone likes something for free, right? Fionn Hodgson created Total Anarchy as a completely free video game. It's based on the Grand Theft Auto™ video game series, and some of its 3D graphic elements are created with . This video is a four minute trailer for the game, which will be available sometime in 2010. Read an interview with Hodgson in RE-PLAY magazine.

After reading this I stumbled onto another interview/blog about indie video game creation. Robert Fearon is featured in The Guardian's Technology Games blog. He is part of a growing indie game creation movement in the United Kingdom. For his 3D elements, he uses Dinosaurs and Cadillac. The graphics were created using Poser, Swift 3D and 3ds Max and integrated in Flash. I'm pretty sure my favorite part was trying to kill velociraptors. I have an unatural fear of the reptiles; I mean, they're extinct! But still, they're terrifying so killing a few made me feel better.

Examples of Smith Micro's 3D graphics products are popping up in all sorts of cool locations, from the Home Depot® to WebMD® to alternative newspapers. You can see some examples in Poser's Facebook album, Poser Sightings.

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