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Geek Girl starts spring cleaning early with CheckIt Diagnostics

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 11, 2010 6:52:38 AM

I've never heard anyone (with the exception of Styx) complain that they have too much time on their hands. I'm pretty sure that if I figured out a way to create and sell time, I would own several fast cars and an island in the South Pacific. Unfortunately, at this point all one can do is save time.

Stephanie Hapke, who writes for GeekGirl, cites some alarming stats about time-suckage in regard to computers (specifically PCs): Executives waste six weeks a year looking for lost info, Americans waste nine million hours per day searching for misplaced items and one of the most cited frustrations with PCs is that they run too slowly. They say time is money; I don't even wanna do the math on that.

In honor of Clean Out Your Computer Day, Stephanie suggests a few different remedies for this problem. One of them is CheckIt Diagnostics, which diagnoses and troubleshoots hardware and system problems. She writes, "It provides a useful tool that I had not yet acquired in my arsenal of computer utilities." The article was reprinted in The Huffington Post.

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