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Spend a few minutes with muvee Reveal

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 18, 2010 3:29:59 AM

I am not a Facebook addict. I do not have a problem. Denial is just some river in Egypt, right? Whether it's becoming a fan of a pickle or watching my friend snowboard four states away, I love everything that is Facebook. So when I saw that Smith Micro was partnering with muvee to sell its video-editing software muvee Reveal™, I was mostly interested in the fact that you can spend three minutes editing casual everyday footage for Facebook.

Three minutes? Yeah, right.

So in the spririt of my philosophy, "Show don't tell," here is a quick video of the product manager editing and posting video to Facebook. And he does it in under three minutes. Nice work Steve. It's just another reason for me to spend time on Facebook!

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