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Gadgets: Poser Pro 2010 Style

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 23, 2010 3:14:02 AM

I can't stay away from stores like Sharper Image. I love gadgets. I might not need a toilet paper dispensing iPod dock, but it's pretty amusing. The pleasant surprises are the gadgets that make what I already do easier. Like the backup camera on a truck. Genius.

Lately at Smith Micro Software, we're getting really psyched because the Poser Pro 2010 launch is almost upon us. I totally dig that I get to know what's new before everyone else. And I'm proud to say that there's new stuff in Poser Pro that will make 3D animation and illustration easier.

One of the new big features in Poser Pro 2010 is the ability to search your library and Content Paradise within the program. Can't find the perfect llama in your content for your 3D animation? Perhaps your 3D DJ gear is just a little outdated? Just toggle over to Content Paradise and search there. Check out this preview of what it'll look like in Poser Pro 2010 below.

This gadget is designed to save time and streamline artists' workflow. And it's a great opportunity for sellers on Content Paradise to have their products easily accessible within Poser Pro 2010. Content Paradise will have tips and templates posted in the Seller FAQs to help sellers present their products effectively within the program. It may not be a Taser MP3 player, but it is impressive and useful.

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