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Happy Chickens with Anime Studio!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 24, 2010 2:22:12 AM

Every college campus has its controversy. Every class of students has its cause. When I was in college, free-range chicken eggs was the number one reason students wrote to the editor of the school newspaper. I thought it was a bit ridiculous at the time, but after tasting the difference between free-range eggs and the alternative, I guess I changed my tune.

My friends and I call them "happy chickens." I'm not trying to say that animals have emotion or that, if indeed they do, that I can tell what emotions they have. I just think it's catchy. And I like to believe that you are what you eat, and I like to be happy. (Rather than evil, much to The Boss' dismay.)

That's why I was totally stoked to find this 2D animation on YouTube, made with Anime Studio. It features some happy chickens singing about how delicious and natural these particular sausages are, and they happen to be made from chicken.

If you're interested in trying 2D animation, you can get Anime Studio Debut 5 for free! If you like it, there is also an offer for Anime Studio Debut 6 for 60% off. It will make you happy as a pig in ... erm ... mud!

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