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Mad Maxine's new look with Poser Pro 2010

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 26, 2010 2:14:21 AM

I'm pretty sure I know more than a few guys who would be jealous of Paul Sutton. And while I'd like to believe it's all because his art is on the Poser Pro 2010 box, I think it's more likely because he has had drinks with Danica Patrick while she was racing in the U. K.

Before Paul Sutton got into creating 3D art with Poser Pro, he worked with his brothers at Sutton Motorsport Images as a motorsport photographer while teaching himself web design. After working there for 15 years, he left to pursue an education in painting and art history in London.

What surprised me was when Paul told me he did his first render in Poser Pro on April 15, 2009. While it's clear that Paul is a talented artist, it's also clear that Poser Pro can create amazing art and its learning curve isn't as steep as I initially assumed. I'm certainly not saying 3D illustration is easy, but Poser Pro makes it look that way.

The original piece created with Poser Pro will be featured in the gallery on Smith Micro's Poser web site, which will open in March with the release of Poser Pro 2010. Nicely done Paul!

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