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Poser: It's better than Calvin Klein underwear

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 1, 2010 9:05:16 AM

In the last few days I have been asking around about what kind of items people like to buy that never go on sale. Some of the answers I've gotten: Acqua Di Giò, MAC eye shadow, Apple products, Calvin Klein underwear (is that really true?), Lancôme mascara, and Louis Vuitton purses.

Since I've worked here I feel like Poser is that asterisk at the bottom of the sale ad. Y' know, the one that says "50 percent off everything!" and the asterisk says "Except the really good stuff." Every time we run a sale here at Smith Micro, we ask "Can that include Poser?" Alas, the answer is always no.

Until now.

We're putting Poser on sale from now until the end of March. Buy Poser Pro for $250. Buy Poser 8 for $199.99. Upgrade to Poser 8 for $99.99 or Poser Pro for $199.99. And I know what you might be thinking. Because if I wasn't working here I would be thinking the same thing. "You're just putting those on sale because the new version of Poser Pro is coming out." Nope, that's on sale too.

If you buy Poser Pro now, you get a free upgrade to Poser Pro 2010 when it comes out this month. Or you can wait for the Poser Pro 2010 to be released, because it will be on sale for $250 all month long. So while that Coach purse or MacBook may always be full-price, for the month of March, Poser is not.

P. S. Isn't this image beautiful? It was made in Poser Pro by Lyndsey Hayes. It's appropriately named Enigma.

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