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Shipwrecked with Manga Studio EX

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 2, 2010 8:53:13 AM

I was walking along the shore of the Pacific Ocean checking out some anemones, when once again, the ocean struck awe and fear into my Midwesterner heart. (There's that fear for The Boss!) The rocks that line the shore are razor sharp! And my friend said the tide would come in soon. I wondered, How fast does the tide come in? Will I have enough time to get away or will it slice me to bits against the rocks?

These fears aren't really that legitimate. I blame them mostly on an overactive imagination. But I had just seen this haunting illustration (called Sea Wreck) done by James Reekie with Manga Studio EX. I may not have seen any giant robots coming out of the sea that day, but it could definitely happen.

James Reekie is an illustrator and designer based, as he says, "somewhere between Athens, Greece and London, UK." His blog post about Manga Studio EX is great if you're interested in coloring in Manga Studio or if you're thinking about upgrading from Debut to EX. "If you're using Debut version, seriously consider switching!" (Glad you like it James.)

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