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A tree-hugger's ode to GroBoto

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 10, 2010 3:22:39 AM

I'm a tree hugger. Literally. There are some overused words in the English language and I believe literally is one of them. But in this case, its use is absolutely warranted. When I saw Avatar, I was more upset about the bombing of the great tree than Sigourney Weaver's character dying.

That would probably explain why I kept watching this animation made with GroBoto.
It's about "the creation of the Yggdrasil Tree with three roots: Fate, Wisdom and the Source of all Rivers. The branches encompass the universe and drop the dews of fate and wisdom upon mankind." C'mon. How could I not eat that up?

GroBoto produces some of the most chilling animations and images I've seen, and I've heard it's pretty easy to use. Check out GroBoto on Facebook to check out more images and animations just uploaded this week.

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