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Some St. Patty's day fun with Anime Studio

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 17, 2010 2:46:03 AM

It's St. Patty's day and it's festive around the office. One coworker is wearing a Guinness hat, another is wearing a bright green skirt and one has green-and-white striped socks on. It's not quite Ireland, but that's pretty tough to compete with.

One of the staff favorite animations made with Anime Studio was actually commissioned by Canan Ltd, Skye as part of a Year of Highland Culture 2007 Gaelic language initiative. Apart from just being awesome, it's a pretty good showing of what Anime Studio can do.

Since Gaelic is a huge part of Irish culture, I thought it would be an appropriate video for today. And like I said before, I'm a sucker for those U. K. accents. So forego the green beer (or not) and check it out!

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