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Do computers have sparkplugs?

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 18, 2010 2:37:25 AM

When I moved, I was devastated by the fact that I had to leave my dentist and my mechanic. Laugh if you will but friends you can talk to on the phone; you can't clean your teeth with Skype. (At least not yet.) And finding a good mechanic is like learning to golf: expensive and nearly impossible.

It was because of this I learned how to change my own oil, spark plugs and transmission. And it dawned on me that this do-it-yourself stuff isn't so tough after all. And it's actually a lot cheaper too.

So when my computer started acting funny (weird monitor light flashy stuff--it's a technical term), I decided I could probably learn how to fix that too. I do work at a software company after all. I downloaded CheckIt Diagnostics to see if that could help me out. Turns out the driver I had for my graphics card wasn't compatible with Windows 7. Well that was easy enough to fix.

But in the spirit of showing, not telling, here is a one-minuteish video of how to use CheckIt Diagnostics. It's like have a personal mechanic for your computer. It's quick, easy and far less expensive than golf.


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