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Conspiracy theories in Anime Studio

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 19, 2010 2:25:23 AM

There are a few games that lend themselves to being played well after imbibing in adult beverages. Why do you think you find dart boards in bars, bars in bowling alleys and badminton nets set up closest to the keg at a BBQ? I'm not saying that these sports shouldn't be taken seriously on a professional level; I'm saying that for the majority of non-professionals, our confidence that we might bowl a turkey increases with a few beers. As does our score.

The bar game that's baffles me the most is pool. It requires one to use geometry. I hang out with some smart people, but not once has anyone turned to me at the bar and asked, "What distance, speed and trajectory do you suppose I should throw this coaster to get the bartender's attention?" But somehow, pool seems to get easier (at least for some) after a margarita or two.

It's all a conspiracy. Pool has nothing to do with math. Geometry, sheometry! It's learning how to communicate with head honcho of the pool balls: the eight ball. This video in Anime Studio shows what's really inside an eight ball.

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