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Music videos starring Poser

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 24, 2010 1:53:15 AM

Have you ever tried a sweet coconut cocktail? Ghid's animated music video made with Poser asked me that question a few months ago. I stumbled upon it one day and sent it around the office. It's refreshing. It's got pretty girls on a beach singing about drinking delicious beverages. What's not to like?

Ghid has been using Poser since January 2009. A weekend musician and movie director from Japan, he got into Poser because he wanted to make different scenes he couldn't create with real people. He said Poser was the easiest 3DCG software out there.

Ghid's favorite feature about Poser is how simple it is to make animated movies. He uses Sony Vegas Movie Studio to edit all of his movies and Pro Tools for his music.

I like this animation specifically because I love the shot of the sky taken from behind one of the girls. And the song is nice too. But there are some great animations and songs on Ghid's YouTube channel.

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