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Utility City story time with Manga Studio

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 25, 2010 9:30:15 AM

Once upon a time I wanted to tell a story about some awesome software called StuffIt Deluxe and CheckIt Registry Cleaner. But just telling a story really isn't as fun as showing one, right? And I work for a company that makes some pretty amazing story-telling software (*cough* Manga Studio *cough*). Sadly, my drawing skills aren't really impressive. Or existent.

Enter The Intern. She went to an art institute so she should know how to draw, right? Yep! And a whole lot more. She did this for me with Manga Studio in her free time, which is pretty impressive considering as an intern you're not allowed to have free time.

Topics: CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Manga Studio)

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