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Anime Studio does (super) reality TV

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Apr 1, 2010 9:47:09 AM

Reality TV has never really interested me. Life is odd enough. But what about animated "reality" TV? Scripted reality TV with animated characters is much more appealing and believable to me than an '80s band front man selling toilet seats for charity. And I love hair metal.

Jonathan Canham, proud cat owner and strawberry milkshake fanatic, used Anime Studio Pro to make animated shorts called Super-Reality. You can see his YouTube channel for more funny episodes as well as episodes of Frank and Steve, animated comedy shorts about a man living with Dr. Frankenstein's other monster.

Some of his work was featured on UKTV GOLD and BBC3 websites. His favorite thing about Anime Studio is how accessible it is to everybody. "That's what makes great software, in my opinion."

When I asked him what he would change about it, he replied,"It would be a magical portal to another realm, where I'm the king!" Perhaps we'll put that in the next version. That might actually make for a great reality TV show.

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