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There are plenty of fish in Aquazone's sea

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Apr 2, 2010 9:38:42 AM

Did you ever see Finding Nemo? I saw it three the theater. I don't have kids; I'm just a grown adult who happens to really like the ocean. And I like to laugh.

Nemo was a clown fish. Apparently he was a "common" clown fish. They're hearty swimmers and extremely adaptable. Who knew the movie depicted the fish accurately? There are also Clark's Clown fish among the million other fish in the sea. (See the pic below.)

If you're into fish or just feel like killing a few minutes on Internet, check out Aquazone's Twitter feed. It's full of captured moments from under the sea. And there might be a Few from outer space. Because, hey! Why not?

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