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What's your query?

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Apr 16, 2010 7:12:21 AM

In my former life as a waitress, I would often approach people who had been looking at their menus for awhile and say, "Do you have any questions for me?" It's a good way to find out if they're ready to order, someone has a food allergy or if they just want more time.

What I should have said was "Do you have any questions about the menu?" But I didn't and so inevitably I would get questions about what my favorite colors were, who I liked to win the Super Bowl and what the winning lottery numbers were. I got that last one a lot, actually.

The Smith Micro Software blog has been around for a few months. Now that we've got the hang of it, we're introducing a few new features. The first is the Question Jar. This little guy will take your inquiries. I'll be doing my best to answer them, either through my own knowledge, or (more likely) by harassing my coworkers who know more than me.

I have access to all sorts of awesome information and brilliant minds at Smith Micro Software. If your question gets featured in the blog, you could win a $15 coupon to Content Paradise. You can also ask anonymously, although there's no coupon in it for you. So...Do you have any questions for me?

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