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Fresh connections in Aquazone

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Apr 19, 2010 7:01:47 AM

What do Mark Twain and Shirley Manson of Garbage have in common? They both were involved with groups called Angelfish.

In Mark Twain's last years of life he called a group of girls he treated as surrogate granddaughters Angel Fish. They exchanged letters, writing about theater and music.

Shirley Manson sang in Angelfish before Garbage. One of the groups videos premiered on MTV's 120 Minutes (remember in the '90s when MTV still played music videos?), where the cofounder of Garbage asked her to join the band.

And then there are these beauties: the black veil tail angelfish and the diamond marble angelfish. They're freshwater fish native to South American basins and rivers. Funny, I thought all pretty fish were saltwater fish. But I'm learning all sorts of stuff playing with the Aquazone Twitter feed.

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