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Manga Studio cheer leads in outer space

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Apr 23, 2010 5:35:41 AM

Earlier today, The Boss stopped by for my weekly evil inspiration. Later, I looked through some comics that Doug Hills sent to me and I saw this comic. Isn't it perfect? She's a cheerleader (generally a sunny, upbeat sort) looking rather, well, evil. Plus she's in a spaceship, which makes everything a thousand times more cool. It's from his and his wife Stacey's web comic Chibi Cheerleaders from Outer Space.

Doug Hills has been using Manga Studio since about 2006. "I had heard of Comic Studio (the original Japanese version) back in 2004, and was bummed that there wasn't an English version. Fast forward to the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con, where I was introduced to the newly imported, translated, and renamed Manga Studio. Needless to say, I picked up a copy of the EX version right then and there."

He was pretty stoked on Manga Studio as soon as he started using it. "The fact that I could work on 11" x 16" sheets of 'paper' in Manga Studio at 600 or 1200 dpi, without my computer crying was great. And the rulers! The fact that I could lay down straight edges or circles and use/move them like I would the real thing was...well, you wonder why no one had created this type of tool before.

Add to that the fact you could have perspective rulers (in the EX version)? That was probably worth the price, alone."

Doug is one of the authors of Manga Studio for Dummies, which gives me at least two reasons to think he's super cool. (The other one being that when I asked him what he would eat or drink constantly if there were no consequences, he answered "New York pizza and Guinness." It makes me salivate just writing those words.) He got involved with writing the book in 2007; he was asked to be the technical editor initially, but ended up becoming an author.

If he could have any super power, he'd want a Green Lantern Power Ring. If he could change one thing about Manga Studio, it would be the ability to import and export pattern brushes easily. You can check out Doug on Twitter, Facebook, deviantART or his studio's website. He's got some great art, and he does a Dailyish sketch in Manga Studio as well.

Thanks Doug for doing great work and for helping me find some "evil" for the Smith Micro Software blog!

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