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Go with Aquazone's flow

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Apr 28, 2010 5:00:53 AM

Go with the flow is one of my favorite phrases. It allows everyone to be relaxed. Just go with it! (And it's a perfect way to hide the fact that I'm not that into making plans.)

If there is any creature on this planet who has perfected going with the flow, it's the jellyfish. Many of them have no means of transport other than said flow.

In this screen capture of Aquazone, there are moon jellyfish (there are at least 13 different types on identifiable through with genetic testing), crystal jellyfish (which produce green fluorescence and flash bright blue) and spirocodon saltator (that's the crazy looking one in the right corner, and I found very little information on it).

Check out Aquazone's Twitter feed for more photos from under the sea!

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