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Show your Mac who's boss

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on May 10, 2010 5:00:01 AM

In college I had an instructor who taught me a valuable lesson: Apple-Z is your friend. That's fancy talk for Edit->Undo. It's definitely saved me tons of times; I've heard people joke that they wish they could Apple-Z certain moments in life.

Smith Micro released Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe today. It's a program that cleans and speeds up your Mac. It uninstalls applications and helps locate and delete duplicate files, along with a laundry list of other features.

I'm all for keeping my Mac running smoothly, but I get nervous when I start removing files and programs. Inevitably I end up deleting something I shouldn't and my computer starts hollering at me.

The nice thing with Spring Cleaning is that I can undo almost any change I make. It's not quite an Apple-Z for my life, but considering how much time I spend on my Mac, it's pretty close.

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