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Anime Studio shows some love

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on May 27, 2010 2:21:49 AM

I've always believed that love should be celebrated everyday, not just Valentine's Day. So when I saw this episode of Jay's Life, I didn't care that February had passed long ago. It's really sweet, and it includes a guest appearance by someone I totally dig.

Lionel was making cartoons by drawing still frames with Corel Paint when he found Anime Studio Pro on Google. (Have I mentioned that Google rocks?) He says it's the "best thing ever created. Besides North Carolina basketball of course."

His favorite feature is the bone rigging. He also does a lot of video tutorials to show others the tricks he's learned in Anime Studio Pro as well. "One episode I animate the flip of a T Mobile G1, then actual texting. Screen rotates and everything."

Check out this episode of Jay's Life and celebrate Valentine's Day early (or late)!

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