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Anime Studio gets the story behind the story

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jun 17, 2010 8:30:39 AM

One of my favorite creations with Anime Studio is about a child who stays up past her bedtime and gets into some mischief. Let's just say I can relate. But what inspired it?

Graham Morris was happy to tell me. He had made cartoons for his children and later adopted another daughter, so it was her turn.

"She showed a great ability at puzzles, so I based my cartoon for her around that. But I wanted a fantastical element to it - hence the magic that appears half way through. I'm only interested in creating family-friendly cartoons that put a smile on the face of parents and their children." Word.

Graham has been using Anime Studio for six years. He's particularly fond of this creation that combines drawings and live action. Graham has more animations on his YouTube channel and you can check out his and other user stories for more cool animations with Anime Studio.

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