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Internet Cleanup: It's for your own good!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jun 23, 2010 2:44:21 AM

I've often heard that teenagers think they're invincible. Apparently a study proved it. I'd like to suggest that there is another group that might belong in that category: Mac users. And while I don't have a study to prove they think that, I just read an article that shows they're not.

If you downloaded certain free screensavers, you may have spyware on your Mac. Pauline Shumake, the product manager for Internet Cleanup, told me more about it.

"A new security threat was uncovered called OpinionSpy that can install itself on your Mac and collects info about the user and sends it back to a server. Users of Internet Cleanup 5.1 can find out if this exists on their Mac by using Network SpyAlert and turning on Program Control.

Users can specify which programs are allowed to connect to the Internet and it will block all others. If OpinionSpy is on the users computer, Network SpyAlert will notify the users as soon as it tries to connect to its server and will block the connection.

With Internet Cleanup users can stay ahead of spyware like OpinionSpy and keep their private information safe even before they know they have been infected." Good to know Pauline. I guess I won't go skydiving with my Mac this weekend.

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