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Poser & Manga Studio get caught up in World Cup fever

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jun 24, 2010 3:21:45 AM

In our office, we have an optional once-a-month thing called Lunch & Learn. The basic premise is that one person teaches a skill they know well while others learn something on their lunch break.

Usually they have something to do with technology, but they're not limited. The other day I got an email: "Lunch and Learn - Soccer. Learn who advances in the World Cup: Germany, Ghana or Serbia."

Oh yeah. We've got the fever. And so do the folks over at ImagineFX. They sponsored a fantasy football contest where artists created their own version of the different players. The winners received Manga Studio EX 4 and Poser Pro 2010. This is my favorite.


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Topics: Poser, CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Manga Studio)

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