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Make your digital dream garage a reality!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jun 25, 2010 3:43:22 AM

In a previous post, I asked what your would be in your digital dream garage. There were some really creative responses.

One of my favorites named the Apollo Spacecraft for Poser. How sweet would it be to have your own personal space shuttle in the garage? "Yeah, I've got a pretty busy weekend planned. Mow the lawn, grab a few beers with friends and take a quick trip for moon rocks. My kid keeps hassling me for more."

But the one that snagged the most votes was this: "Aston Martin DB4 Vantage. Why? It's the closest thing to getting Bond's car, it's an incredibly hot design that Digimation executed brilliantly. Love the license plate texturing, and the inclusion of a flat tire morph, as well as being able to remove all four wheels; adds a great deal of versatility to the model and lends itself to all kinds of "60's era damsel in distress" scenes. In fact, I've got a few in mind to create, already, just thinking about it. Now if only it had all the Bond gadgets.... ;)"

Congrats! And as a thank you to everyone else, you can take $5 off any Digimation vehicles. (Coupon code: 5digimationbucks) Have a super summer at Content Paradise!

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