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Poser: It catches your eye

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jun 28, 2010 3:56:05 AM

I've got a lot of respect for writers, especially ones who can get your attention with one sentence. That's exactly what happened when I read the title of this tutorial, Create a Stunning 3D Liquid Explosion Artwork. You've got my attention.

But what really got my attention was what the tutorial taught you how to create:

"In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a Poser figure, create a shatter effect and render it in 3DStudio Max, then use Photoshop and some simple stock images to create a brilliant and visually stunning water explosion effect," writes Joe Moore. Right on Joe. That is visually stunning!

If you're interested in more Poser tutorials, check out the Poser website. They may not make you a better writer, but they'll definitely help you with your Poser abilities.

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