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Spring Cleaning doesn't mess around

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jul 14, 2010 1:00:52 AM

More than one person has accused me of being biased, because I happen to be employed for the company that makes the software I rave about. And maybe that's true. I prefer to say that I work at a place that makes ridiculously cool stuff that works. No shame in that game.

But I get it. It's always good to hear an impartial view right? Which is why I like to tout the reviews our software gets. This review comes from NCC Sites: "Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe by Smith Micro Software, Inc is full of features to help you maintain and backup your mac, keep your mac running at peak performance, improve stability, and much much more."

Or in the show-don't-tell spirit, you can watch them using Spring Cleaning and talk about the features in action.

While this might add to my general our products rule attitude, it also helps explain why I think that way. And why not? It's not braggin' if it's true, right?

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