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Manga Studio: My adrenaline rush

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jul 15, 2010 1:00:24 AM

One of my friends flies helicopters for a living. If my job wasn't so awesome, I might be a little jealous. But frankly, I like that this art done in Manga Studio by Kaz Mayeda is the closest I come to a helicopter every day.

Kaz has been using Manga Studio for a little more than two years, and he's a big fan. His art caught my eye because its style is a lot different than other things done in MS. He's a big fan. When I asked him what his favorite feature was, he listed five.

Manga Studio helped keep things running smoothly in one of his recent projects. "I had to draw a close-up of a woman with glasses looking straight at camera. MS's line symmetry feature literally reduced my drawing time in half because basically all I had to do was draw a monocle."

Kaz also really likes Cheetos, which makes him A-OK in my book. Yum! Read his user story, check out more of his art and read about other artists at Manga Studio's User Stories page.

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