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A 2GB email attachment? No problem.

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jul 16, 2010 1:00:47 AM

This morning I asked a friend to send me pictures from last summer. The problem is that she's not too savvy in the technology department. She tried to email me a folder with gigabytes worth of digital pictures. Yeah...that's not gonna work.

Luckily, Smith Micro just launched their newest addition to their family: SendStuffNow. I directed her there and she sent me all those files to my email in a matter of minutes.

logosThere are several different levels of service, including a free service for very casual users. I think the coolest part of SendStuffNow is that I can email those giant files from my cell phone without actually downloading them.

Check it out if you're sick of bounced emails or confusing FTP sites. It was nice to get my photos in minutes without headaches for my friend or me. Thanks SendStuffNow! After launch, it took you about two minutes to prove your usefulness, so you must be part of the Smith Micro family!

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