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Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jul 29, 2010 1:00:09 AM

It's not often I get comments from engineers about anything I find online, but this tutorial caught the eye of the director of engineering so I figured it must be pretty awesome. It's about match moving, or motion tracking and how to do it using a plugin for Poser Pro 2010.

Steve Cooper, Poser product manager, said "He does a great job of showing a few techniques to use Poser figures against pre-filmed video, both rendered in Poser or for use in a compositing tool."

According to the developer Anakele, "MatchMove Assistant for Poser Pro 2010 is a plug-in designed to import camera data (translation and rotation) and tracker points from The Pixel Farm's Pfhoe and Pfhoe Pro matchmoving applications into Poser. This allows Poser to be used as a compositing tool, integrating Poser's incredible wealth of first and third party 3d figures and props into a live action shot."

And until the end of July, it's on sale for $29.95. That's 33% off the original price. You can check it out at Content Paradise.

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