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Poser knows: Don't hassle the Hoff

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Aug 12, 2010 1:53:08 AM

When I have an idea, I'm very quick to write it down. Visual artists are more apt to sketch it. Others use props (like salt shakers or cell phones) to get their point across.

But what happens if you're pitching an idea to a super-awesome celebrity? Say you want to sell David Hasselhoff on riding a giant bus through San Diego during Comic-Con. Drawings on the back of a coaster might not work. You probably wanna use Poser.

Comic-Con Hoff Parade

Gary Randall produced this illustration with Poser when he sold David Hasseloff on the idea of singing on top of a bus for Comic-Con. I think it's pretty convincing. Did it work?

Gary Randall and his Poser illustration have come to life!

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